Hiroya Tsukamoto is a one of a kind composer, guitarist and singer-songwriter from Kyoto, Japan. He began playing the five-string banjo when he was thirteen, and took up the guitar shortly after. In 1994, Hiroya entered The Osaka University and while at college in Japan, Hiroya was introduced to a musical and social movement in South America called Nueva Cancion headed by musical legends such as Victor Jara and Violeta Parra.

In 2000, Hiroya received a scholarship to Berklee College of Music and came to the United States. He is also the recipient of the Professional Music Achievement Award.

"HiroyaTsukamoto plays with fluid mastery, pristine tone,
and great warmth. “ -Celine Keating, Acoustic Magazine

“His music is earthy, organic and an amalgam of elements imported from diverse genres” -The Groove

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Tickets: $14 adults, $12 seniors/students, $10 ages 12 & under